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Why do I need Renter's Insurance?

  • If you could pick up your apartment, turn it upside down and shake it, everything you own would fall out. That is what you need to insure. Can you afford to replace all your possessions? Half of them? Your landlord's insurance doesn't cover your stuff if it is damaged or stolen.
  • Renter's insurance gives you peace of mind about damage or loss of your possessions, at home or away. It gives you premise liability coverage in case of lawsuit.

What is Included in Renter's Insurance?

  • Personal Property Coverage: Usually starting at $15,000 but can be increased.
  • Liability Coverage: Usually starting at $100,000
  • Loss of Use: Living expenses if your home becomes unusable.
  • Medical Payments to Others: In case a guest is injured or made ill at your apartment.
  • Unscheduled Personal Property: Jewels, Watches, Furs, Securities, Cash, Silver, Gold, Pewter are covered for small amounts.
  • Miscellaneous Coverages: Some policies may include coverages for credit card fraud and forgery, fire department fees, animal liability.
  • Additional Coverage (riders) can increase your coverage for for Jewelry, Furs, Artwork, Electronic Equipment, for an additional premium.
  • All policies will have a Deductible, This is the amount you are responsible for paying before your insurance will make any payments to you.
  • Most policies cover losses due to:
    Windstorms or Hail
    Fire or Lightning
    Riot or Civil Commotion
    Falling objects
    Weight of ice, snow or sleet
    Water damage from home utilities
    Electrical Surge damage to appliances
    Earthquake or Flood, by rider or separate policies
  • Policies are available with either 'Actual Cash Value' or 'Replacement Cost Coverage' terms.
    Actual Cash Value policies will pay you the depreciated value of your goods.
    Replacement Cost policies pay to replace the item at today's prices. Replacement policies will be more expensive.
  • In cases where people share an apartment, each renter should have their own insurance or a joint insurance policy should be used.

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